Automatic Offset Calibration

Advanced computer vision algorithms provide automatic XY offset calibration for a wide variety of tool types and materials, including clear gels and liquids.
Automatic Line Width Calibration

Lines are printed and measured using Aether's cutting-edge computer vision capabilities. Air pressure is adjusted until desired line width is achieved.
Automatic Stage Leveling

The plane of the stage is determined by inductive sensor scan. Geared motors adjust the stage to create parallel alignment. Alignment is then verified and fine tuned until parallel convergence.
Automatic Syringe Tip Cleaning

Automatically clean syringe tips with a bristle scrub, liquid bath, cotton cloth, or combination of all three.


including optional features
Fabrication System
8 Pneumatic Syringe Extruders with Vertical Retraction System
2 FFF Hot End Filament Extruders
Anodized Aluminum Heated Syringe Mount with 30cc Glass Syringe
Solenoid Microvalve Droplet Jetting Extruders
445nm Laser
Universal Tool Mounts – Use Syringes or Tools of Virtually Any Kind

7 inch 480p Touchscreen

Anodized Aluminum and Glass Exterior

Printer Dimensions
24” x 17 “ x 17” (610mm x 432mm x 432mm)
Max Build Size 12.4” x 9” x 5.2” (315mm x 229mm x 132mm)
Max Build Volume 580.32” (14,732mm)
Weight 99 pounds
Built for Desktop Use
Maximum Resolution
X/Y axis – 1.055 micron (0.001055mm)
Z axis – 0.43 nanometers (0.00000043mm)

Integrated Slicer
Post-Processor to Control Tool Settings
Simplifies Printing Process
Built for Multi-material and Multi-fabrication method prints
Turn Images into G-Code for single and multi-tool prints

Automatic Offset Calibration
Automatic Line Width Calibration
Automatic Stage Leveling
Automatic Syringe Tip Cleaning
Interior Multi Color LED Lighting System
Interior UV Blacklight LED Lighting System
Heated Anodized Aluminum Stage
Chain and Sprocket Gantry System
Air Filter
Wi-fi Internet
Attachable Microscope
Custom Machine/Computer Vision Development
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